My name is Donna Gavriel and I am a fitness trainer.

I have inspired people to transform their lives and helped them achieve their fitness goals for over seven years. Whether your goal is to shed a few pounds, strengthen your core muscles or train for a marathon, my techniques have proven successful for clients time and time again.

My personal track record:

Run over 80 Half, Full and Ultra Marathons

Did Triathlon and Aqua bike

Worked as personal trainer at De Anza College

Pacer at full marathons

My training methods are:


Body shape/toning


Core strength

Donna's Running Club is a fantastic opportunity to break up the work week, stay motivated,

lace up the shoes for a good workout and socialize with a bunch of great people!

I am happy to train you as an individual, as couples or families, or in groups.  

My training is suitable for all ages: children, teens and adults.


You will not only attain your physical goals, you will also sharpen your cognitive abilities.

Join me for a fun yet challenging session today.  I look forward to helping you along your health journey.