Why should I start Running?

People start running for different reasons:

  • lose weight
  • improve your health:
  • excellent way to strengthen the heart
  • increase bone density
  • High cholesterol – running can help to keep it in check
  • Meet new people
  • Good for your memory
  • Will improve your energy level
  • Achieve your personal goals and feel good about yourself
  • Running can help with stress relief

Do I need to buy running shoes?

  • You absolutely need new running shoes that will provide maximum protection for your feet. A shoe that absorbs shocks and fits your foot structure, an inappropriate shoe will cause pain, followed by an injury and it is a shame if you have already decided to run ... Shoe manufacturers from year to year upgrade the quality of the shoes specifically for this purpose.

What running shoes should I buy?

Should I eat before training?

  • Before training it is recommended to eat white bread with honey / date / energy bar / banana

Should I drink during the training?

  • During a workout it is recommended to drink small sips, do not get used to an empty stomach, this can interfere with the subsequent increase in volume.

Set goals from the beginning?

  • Totally yes, even if they are very small, like getting up for a 20 minute walking / running workout.

Do I need an organized training program?

  • It is highly recommended that a training program is an important framework for both goals and professional accompaniment, whose function is to prevent injuries and help to persist and to do it right.

Running with or without music?

  • In the first training sessions where you learn to feel the body, it is best to run without music, listen to the breathing and feel the pulse, at a later stage it can be a particularly refreshing addition.

What Magnesium do you recommend?

  • Recommendation for Turmeric
    • Recommendation for Camelback (NATHAN HPL 020 Vest)